H&B Driveway Resealing

Our family has been providing expert asphalt repair services to Delaware, Montgomery, and Chester Counties for over 13 years.


Trust a local family that is fully licensed and insured to transform your cracked asphalt into a perfectly smooth surface that's a joy to drive on.

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The more cracked and warped your asphalt gets, the faster it's going to degrade. Even a single winter can destroy the look of your parking lot.


A sealcoat application from H&B Driveway Resealing will keep your asphalt from cracking and fading.

Asphalt resealing

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Let us give you a hand any time of the year. Enjoy top quality asphalt power washing and line painting to restore the look of your blacktop.


Trust us to keep your driveway plowed all winter long.

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Extend the life of your asphalt for years and SAVE money by not having to replace it. For good-looking, long-lasting driveways, parking lots, and other asphalt installations, trust H&B Driveway Resealing.

H&B Driveway Resealing

Beautify your pavement and lower your maintenance costs with expert resealing. We always use the best materials and latest techniques to bring you the best results.

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